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Ignoring the Real Heroes?

Posted  January 26, 2012  by  Craze

As reported by CBS news New York – T J Gilmartin, a Queens man who was involved with recovery efforts at Ground Zero, has informed local New York press that his bid for a ticker-tape parade honoring 9/11 first responders has been denied by the city. His plan was to have a parade down the [...]

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What Would You Do?

Posted  January 20, 2012  by  Craze

In a recent poll over on, Lance Ciepiela asked – What would you do if the Constitution no longer applied? Below is the text from that poll and the poll is listed after. Feel free to participate in the poll, but please read the text and realize the impact of what is being asked. Each [...]

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I dare you

I Dare You…

Posted  January 19, 2012  by  Craze

After 41 years on this rock, I’m convinced that the human race is lost. Maybe I’m just overreacting. Maybe I’m smarter than it’s worth. Maybe I’m missing some screws. Maybe I’m just a crotchety old hermit, but whatever the case, I see fewer and fewer reasons to believe that there is even a shred of [...]

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Stealing Charley Reese

Posted  January 18, 2012  by  Craze

Charley Reese was a former columnist for the Orlando Sentinel. He was both hated and loved, but he always stood firm on his beliefs. In an effort to shed some light on the state of our world, we will repost some of Charley’s more memorable columns here. No, it’s not because we are lazy, it’s [...]

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Quickies for December 18-24

Posted  December 21, 2011  by  Craze

Quick News for the week of December 18-24 KIM JONG-IL CALLS IT QUITS FOR GOOD – North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-il’s death was announced Monday. The man who was constitutionally referred to as “supreme leader” had been the ruling head of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea since 1994. There’s a lot of talk flying [...]

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Calling Godzilla!

Posted  December 20, 2011  by  Craze

I was sitting around watching a smorgasbord of giant monster movies in Cloverfield and Monsters last night when it hit me – We need a real Godzilla type moment in the world right about now. We need something earth-shaking that puts all the petty arguments aside and reminds us that we are, indeed, less important [...]

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